DV Play 7.81 is released

Improving even further multichannel (12 channels per server)

Other 6 months are gone, meaning 6 months more practice with a customer using our <strong>ASP</strong> (traffic for scheduling of playlists)  +<strong> DV Play playout solution 24/7 for its 24 channels</strong> and proving the reliability and functionality on a heavy multichannel installation of 12 channels on a single server. During those 6 months we had a new issue (lucky it was on the backup server) and in 2 days provided a fix that will detect and solve the issue when (if ) there is such an event next time.  Our standards for reliability are extremely high, this case was a<strong> first of that kind for 18 months of real work of 24 channels on 8 different servers</strong> (4 real and 4 test servers), however, we welcome this case as an option to add one more protection.

DV Play is a truly reliable playout designed to run 24/7 operations. Its off-air failing rate depends on a lot of the load of the server, with a single channel over a dedicated server you can expect an issue in 6-12 months (but not obligatory!), while on heavy multichannel mode, they could be more. When such a failing rate is not accepted and there is a budget, it is recommended to order a backup server.

We have our first customer <strong>using DV Play for its 4K channel</strong>, broadcasting simultaneously in 4K UDP H265, HD in both SDI &amp; IP and in SD in IP (MPEG2).  Our UDP multicast streams are <strong>DVB-compatible and error-free.</strong>

Another big direction we worked on was to add support for DVB subtitles into our playout.

Here is a short (but not full) list of our improvements:
– new protection for a <strong>freeze of decoding is added</strong> (extremely rare case, looks like it is related to GPU built-in CPU).
– Additional outputs can <strong>mix any SDI &amp; IP outputs in any order</strong>. Using a specific order of additional outputs is obligatory in some cases, especially with 4K channels. Before the order was 1)all SDI only first  2)all IP outputs next.
– hardware recommendations to <strong>run 12 channels on a server</strong> are clarified for both desktop and server platforms.
– Improved integration with <a href=”https://asp2.eu/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><strong>Ads Schedule Pro</strong></a> – our traffic solution for very fast &amp; precise playlist creation.
– other improvements &amp; fixes.


<strong>DV Playout is truly a leader in efficiency and is a solution N1 for people who value their time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency, multichannel and provides true 24/7 reliability in different user cases, including running up to 12 channels on a single server (1xCPU, non-expensive server cost less than 3,000 EUR). The deep integration between DV Play (playout) and Ads Schedule Pro (traffic) gives you the option to run and create playlists for 24 channels with 2 men only.