DV Play 7.21 est lancé

DV Play 7.21 is a new release and we recommend all current DV Play customers to do the update. It has significantly new features like:

  1. Added support for Blackmagic Intensity hardware. Those models are recommended when an HDMI or an analog inputs/outputs are required.
  2. A new command Run Title Backward is added. That command is designed to run a title /commercials typically/ for example 120 seconds BEFORE the previous file ends.
  3. The playout stability has been improved with start rendering the next file earlier. In the previous version the process started 10 seconds before the current file was finished, now it is 20 seconds. Normally a file is rendered for less than 2 seconds, however if the CPU is heavily loaded, or if the HDD reading is too slow because the HDD is busy at the moment, or the video file has errors, those 20 seconds could help not to affect the playout process.
  4. The library for visual appearance is updated to support better Windows 10.
  5. Performance improvements & small fixings.